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Anarchy Archanum

WARNING! DO NOT CLICK ANY AODB.INFO LINKS! The domain has been HIJACKED and hosts a fake Flash 11 downloader.
I still may have links to it on this site, no time to fix now.

In the meantime, update Windows, Java, Flash, Adobe, Antivirus, and browsers directly from the maker's sites.

This info is mainly here for anyone... Omni, Neutral or Clan
whom will truly appreciate the time and effort I have put into it, so that our
experiences in Anarchy Online will be more enjoyable, and hopefully with less mistakes.

May your journey be a memorable one,

July 2013 - Fix for moving preferences between computers - NEW METHOD AO Forum Link

July 2013 - Back in IGYB org, it's good to be home.
Strange that I'm the 'oldest' member in the org, joining days after creation.

July 2013 - Thatoneshade from CORE (in my alliance, even) thinks it was a great idea that my cousin was murdered in Kosovo while on a peacekeeping mission in 2004.
My cousin, Gary Weston was there to hand out food, search for land mines targeted at civilians, and protect the fleeing refugees from vengeful people.
Thatoneshade wished the gunman's rifle didnt jam and that more people would have been killed. So, remember my cousin and the two teenage girls
he left behind with his heartbroken wife and tell Thatoneshade "fuck you" when he asks for help or buffs.

Gary Weston died a hero, throwing himself in front of others during the ambush by a sleeper cell agent in the UN from Jordan, who'd opened fire
in a training camp in 2004. The military flew my cousin Nina and a friend to see her husband in a German hospital where they tried everything to save him.
He never came out of the coma. The doctor asked what Nina wanted to do, there was no chance he would survive without life support.
She said "Just let me have one last night with him". She took a shower in the hospital room, curled up next to him in bed and cried all night.
In the morning they pulled the plug and she watched him die. Story here.

Fuck you, Thatoneshade. Fuck you in your ignorant goat ass. You dont know shit about Kosovo, shut your whore mouth. You keep opening it, and yet no apology.

On a lighter note, let's get back to the website!

Here's my favorite implant tool. Better than NanoNanny with some features.
Great for quick-testing setups!

Original maker not online any more. No support.


[OT OOC] Venhavre: 81 VA Yalmaha is available in Trade (SE corner) [OT OOC] Gradyk: why waist cash when you got the uber jet pack :p [OT OOC] Rhutofist: you don't get it anymore [OT OOC] Gradyk: ah ok :) [OT OOC] Onetech: Flying in a yalm prevents bugs in teeth, treetops hitting you in the junk [OT OOC] Gradyk: bah, then i wont get it on the new character i gonna make when the new engine are here . that sucks [OT OOC] Bourgeoisia: LOL [OT OOC] Onetech: ok, Mr bugteeth treejunk [OT OOC] Gradyk: i like being hit in the junk by trees [OT OOC] Sheelai-1: what ? A character that keeps getting hit in the junk ? [OT OOC] Onetech: OwMyMartialArtist, as seen on Idiocracy [OT OOC] Sheelai-1: he he [OT OOC] Sheelai-1: we need a new national anthem too then. :) [OT OOC] Onetech: this is totally making in a few minutes [OT OOC] Sheelai-1: blutfrau ? [OT OOC] Onetech: ??Oh, say cant you pee? Cuz your cock's bent to the right...??


To [Combichrist]: god damnit I zoned before the punchline lmmfao [Combichrist]: o_o [Combichrist]: what punchline To [Combichrist]: [OT OOC] Combichrist: anybody want a mustache ride? [OT OOC] Vanquishh: what's a mustache ride? [zoned] [Combichrist]: lmao [Combichrist]: i zoned too To [Combichrist]: im blogging this. PURE GOLD


This is what I get for telling people to download iMatrix to prove the 10% cluster ballpark is a myth. Its 164/168/172 on a QL200 imp F/B/S. He also didnt like my soldier weapon suggestion. I didnt see his /tell, and he got INFURIATED [Calibak]: any suggestions for a decent low level smg for a sold Blut? [Calibak]: you have any suggestions for a lowbie smg for a soldier Blut? [Calibak]: ok go fuck yourself dude, asked 3 times an your only answer was to suggest assault rifle which wasnt close to the question, welcome to ignore fucktard [Calibak]: complain more to your friends asshole an keep having them pm me, you are a total asshole To [Calibak]: i dont know any of them, STFU or ill petition you [Calibak]: ahh friends told me you posted my pm, it might appeal to the froob scrubs but really just makes you look like the knowitall douchenozzle you have been for a long time. gl though in life To [Calibak]: petitioned for harassment. Stop messaging me [Ipewpewjooo]: heya ^^ got a free spot in org ? :) To [Ipewpewjooo]: ohai, hooz dis? [Ipewpewjooo]: pewpew ^^ [Ipewpewjooo]: I liked your orgname :P To [Ipewpewjooo]: we're oooold [Ipewpewjooo]: oooh :p To [Ipewpewjooo]: the org I mean To [Ipewpewjooo]: not us To [Ipewpewjooo]: well maybe some To [Ipewpewjooo]: and i get really weird when I drink. To [Ipewpewjooo]: And when I dont drink To [Ipewpewjooo]: still want in? [Ipewpewjooo]: no ty :D To [Ipewpewjooo]: lol I'd found out a minute later he ninjalooted a BoC [Burden of Competence], a 300-800M lootright item [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: blut did i just give you the bp? [OT OOC] Calibak: its not rocket science, you dont need much to figure out what ql [OT OOC] Blutfrau: yeah I didnt see, sorry [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: lol thought i might have traded to someone i didnt mean to [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: :P [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: tyvm :) [OT OOC] Blutfrau: well when you need a specific QL and you think you need one higher than you actually do, it can save you hours of cluster hunting [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: greatly appreciated [OT OOC] Blutfrau: 164/168/172 is the minimum QLs for faded, bright, shining on a QL200 implant [OT OOC] Bildawor: any docs around for sfa/ic? [Calibak]: ok go fuck yourself dude, asked 3 times an your only answer was to suggest assault rifle which wasnt close to the question, welcome to ignore fucktard [OT OOC] Blutfrau: [Calibak]: ok go fuck yourself dude, asked 3 times an your only answer was to suggest assault rifle which wasnt close to the question, welcome to ignore fucktard [OT OOC] Texaco: wow [OT OOC] Blutfrau: no, fuck YOU asshole. Tell me what I did wrong? [OT OOC] Blutfrau: what an asshole [OT OOC] Texaco: To [calibak]: [OT OOC] Blutfrau: no, fuck YOU asshole. Tell me what I did wrong? [OT OOC] Texaco: he can ignore me too [OT OOC] Charmforjoo: Wow You're mad for nothing. [OT OOC] Generaltrox: Blatfrau has really bad English [OT OOC] Charmforjoo: o.O [OT OOC] Texaco: *poor english you fucking mook [OT OOC] Zelyths: he got the point across. was awesome [OT OOC] Blutfrau: im not mad, Im confused. I gave good advice to save people time and money, and he got all asshurt for some reason [OT OOC] Texaco: [Calibak]: asked 3 times , 2 privately about your opinion on a good lowbie smg for a soldier, all you did was argue that i should bo assault rifle an ignored my pm;s, thats why [OT OOC] Texaco: he thinks im you [OT OOC] Bailbags: I have been on here for AGES but i have never seen this kinda chat [OT OOC] Texaco: ;-( [OT OOC] Bailbags: I think you should calm down [OT OOC] Texaco: youve been in ao for ages [OT OOC] Calibak: lol wow so you can copy/paste with your buddy lol, well done fucktard [OT OOC] Blutfrau: wow, he sure is a cunt. He just made Retard of the Month at [OT OOC] Texaco: and never seen OOC get riled up? [OT OOC] Slewts: WTS LOw QL SMG [OT OOC] Bailbags: yeah but not this bad [OT OOC] Blutfrau: Welcome to a no-help ban in our alliance [OT OOC] Bildawor: I NOT DISERV THIS [OT OOC] Texaco: he isnt my buddy [OT OOC] Texaco: lol [OT OOC] Texaco: god that will never not be funny [OT OOC] Calibak: yet someone you can see his pm's? right dipshit [OT OOC] Texaco: whut [OT OOC] Texaco: what are you talking about [OT OOC] Blutfrau: I can see him, I dont ignore people [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: hey blut [OT OOC] Blutfrau: hiyas [OT OOC] Smallbutmean: could i ask one more thing of you? lol [OT OOC] Blutfrau: No problem [OT OOC] Calibak: [Texaco]: [OT OOC] Blutfrau: no, fuck YOU asshole. Tell me what I did wrong? that dipshit [OT OOC] Iwanttotank: lol calibak he posted it to occ chat but since u blocked him u didnt see it [OT OOC] Aopw: damn what did i miss? [OT OOC] Blutfrau: such a crybaby. He should go back to WoW or something ---- [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: Hey Thay! Meet my GF [Ive Got Your Back] Blutfrau: that Fleshlight is so shitty, you'd have a better one with a sponge and a Pringles can [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Ops] Pinkmink: lol [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: Blut I tried that already [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: DIdnd't work so good [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Ops] Ineedacuete logged off [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: I destroyed it.. [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: ;_; [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Dojo] Dojonet: Wave 1 incoming. [Ive Got Your Back] Blutfrau: TAKE THE POTATO CHIPS OUT FIRST [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: xD [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Flw] Disciplinary: hahahahaha [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Core] Thatoneshade: HHAHA XDDD [Ive Got Your Back] Igybot: [Flw] Disciplinary: hahahahahahahah


- JULY 09 Katjaz: hi [Mrcrab comes in and starts checking corpses I killed, wont say "hi"] Katjaz: i see they ask Katjaz: heh Mrcrab: what? Mrcrab: screw off eh [Team] Fellow: I got what i need, just need nother Ether Katjaz: typical of clan All team members can loot these remains. Dbarkerengi: now that wasnt nice sir! Katjaz: wouldnt expect any more, I guess Mrcrab: haha Dbarkerengi: learn your anners good gentleman! Dbarkerengi: manners* All team members can loot these remains. All team members can loot these remains. [Team] Katjaz: which one? Brutalpain is back [Team] Katjaz: all I have now are spacials Brutalpain: you guys are mean :( All team members can loot these remains. Katjaz: and calling someone rude for being told to fuck off..well, if you think THATS mean... Dbarkerengi: dude its called messin around :D Dbarkerengi: we actually love you with all our hearts :D Mrcrab: sais the fairy.... Katjaz: still dont know what I did to be remotely considered mean All team members can loot these remains. Katjaz: ah well, this conversation is boring me All team members can loot these remains. Mrcrab: run along fairy [Team] Fellow: what a doink Katjaz: if we do, its because we have everything we need but 1 ether, not because you havent discovered soap yet Mrcrab: bwahahaha Mrcrab: everything must be super when your gay Dbarkerengi: we beleive in world peace :D Katjaz: this is *so* going on Retard of the Month on Mrcrab: you're* All team members can loot these remains. Dbarkerengi: HAHAHA! im super thanks for asking :D Katjaz: lets go get this gear oh, eh? [Neleb spawns, I attack late and STILL OD them] [Team Loot Messages] Obamafailplz looted Dark Dreams from Remains of Neleb the Deranged. [Team Loot Messages] Obamafailplz deleted Dream Mesh Circuit from Remains of Neleb the Deranged. [Team Loot Messages] Obamafailplz deleted Fractured Sanity from Remains of Neleb the Deranged. [Team Loot Messages] Obamafailplz deleted Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe from Remains of Neleb the Deranged. [Team Loot Messages] Obamafailplz deleted Neleb's Notum Battlerod from Remains of Neleb the Deranged. Oh yeah, that had to hurt :) Come on, I dont care if you're clan, just dont be an asshat. Paybacks are annoying and I really like them.


- JUNE 09 (Not really a 'tard, just tardically funny) [OT shopping 11-50] Soltroxy: WTB CAS halmet 40-50 PST !!! [OT shopping 11-50] Soltroxy: WTB CAS halmet 40-50 PST !!! [OT shopping 11-50] Katjaz: halmet? [OT shopping 11-50] Healmat: Helmet he means [OT shopping 11-50] Katjaz: maybe he means you [OT shopping 11-50] Katjaz: Healmat [OT shopping 11-50] Katjaz: What QL are you?


- MAY 09 I posted a QL160 6-slot belt, that are regularly sold for $5-$6m in game. They are a BITCH to roll, and it took me a while to get one. In that time, I could have made 2x as much selling blitzes to the shop. QL200 are the most common and are much HARDER to equip. (401 Comp Lit vs 351 CL) [Jameshammond]: yeh right, can get em off gms for 500k-1m To [Jameshammond]: look at the QL asshat [Jameshammond]: and go look at gms and find one just as good or better and way cheater, nimrod To [Jameshammond]: Cheater? You fucking idiot To [Jameshammond]: This is the best QL in game To [Jameshammond]: 351 CL to wear To [Jameshammond]: You just made RETARD OF THE MONTH at


APRIL 2009 (March '09 was boring) Uglykid! [Uglykid]: hi, mr. "patriot" guy, just to let you know, that what u made sucked alot To [Uglykid]: um what? [Uglykid]: ganked my teammember To [Uglykid]: i dont pvp [Uglykid]: well u just killed a clan mp right> [Uglykid]: ? To [Uglykid]: no To [Uglykid]: i was just in Meetmedere [Uglykid]: hmm To [Uglykid]: whats this about patriot? [Uglykid]: 1 sec


FEB 2009! ME! (Viss88 is my Adventurer)


Jan 2009! Not really a retard, just a n00b. I couldnt resist screwing with him.
Screenshot Jan 30 2009



FEBRUARY - "Gridzfix" Story: One day after Gridzfix was camping "A" in a medsuit and yelling at people that were actually giving valid commands and strategies instead... [Omninet2]: [Gridzfix - pvp]: Join pvpchat for BS fun. Actual score 370-390, come come : P Pvpchat will go to this window. [Pvpchat] You joined private group: Pvpchat [Pvpchat] Viss88: you aint in a damned medsuit telling all of Omni to go camp at "A" again, are ya? [Pvpchat] Gridzfix: AV to A please Im getting pwned there : P [Pvpchat] Unkfix: guess that answers that question


Just a funny conversation, no "retards" in this one. - JAN 2007
[OT OOC] Fixdjoo: oh.... resetting ur points?
[OT OOC] Fixdjoo: r u completely stripped?
[OT OOC] Fixdjoo: imps, armor, averything?
[OT OOC] Agentsoldja: check for the buttplug... people forget to remove that for IP Reset
[OT OOC] Fixdjoo: =/
[OT OOC] Agentsoldja: Doh, just kidding :)
[OT OOC] Fixdjoo: So that's why I couldn't reset my ip =p


OCTOBER - "WONDERTRADE" (Selling full set QL199-200 Implants, $5m, 13 pieces.) [Wondertrade]: where are u ? To [Wondertrade]: At Omni Trade Grid [Wondertrade]: can u get the boor city? To [Wondertrade]: Borealis? [Wondertrade]: sould u post ur inplants? [Wondertrade]: yeah [Wondertrade]: could* To [Wondertrade]: A Basic Eye Implant A Basic Head Implant A Basic Ear Implant A Basic Right-Arm Implant A Basic Chest Implant A Basic Left-Arm Implant A Basic Right-Wrist Implant A Basic Waist Implant A Basic Left-Wrist Implant A Basic Right-Hand Implant A Basic Leg Implant A Basic Left-Hand Implant A Basic Feet Implant To [Wondertrade]: ok, Im at Borealis by the Grid [Wondertrade]: could u pls sell for a lower price? To [Wondertrade]: sorry, its already $2-3m under market [Wondertrade]: cos its maybe cant be used all [Wondertrade]: I cant use all of them Helpbot: "Wondertrade" is a level 27 (AT 0 - None) Male Solitus Trader, Omni.

No R.O.T.M. September - Computer downtime


AUGUST - Fuji18 - Fr00bie "Fuji18" is a level 73 (AT 0 - None) Neuter Atrox Enforcer, Omni, General of Tek Of Destruction. [OT shopping 1-50] Onetech: Ear Implant: % Add. Xp, Shiny Jobe 6% XP $2m ONLY L50 TO WEAR! (QL200 is only 7%!) [Fuji18]: ur carzy To [Fuji18]: ur nubi [Fuji18]: 2mill for a imp i can get some one to make me for 50k............ im not a noob [Fuji18]: ive been playing for 2 almost 3 years To [Fuji18]: Funny how you missed the Psychology required to make it, and the trick needed to make it QL100 To [Fuji18]: nubi [Fuji18]: LOL IM NOT A NOOBIE To [Fuji18]: okie [Fuji18]: would a noobie have a 7.2mill yalm To [Fuji18]: "Fuji18" is a level 73 (AT 0 - None) Neuter Atrox Enforcer, Omni, General of Tek Of Destruction. To [Fuji18]: Yes, only nubis buy expensive yalms [Fuji18]: yes im not a noobie To [Fuji18]: why no Ai levels then? [Fuji18]: lol im a froob not a noob To [Fuji18]: noob [Fuji18]: no noob is just started ive played for 3 years froob is some one who dosent have expansions To [Fuji18]: noob [Fuji18]: lol [Fuji18]: ingore


Tastee: omg my friend Tastee: u see any niggers u ate yet? Tastee: u fucking germans need to be removed from earth Blutfrau: lol racist Tastee: u caused the last 2 world wars Blutfrau: go away Blutfrau: ARK on the way, please stay here, say it to him Tastee: ohh im here Blutfrau: say it again Tastee: why do u hate black ppl? Blutfrau: i do? Blutfrau: why do you violate ToS/EULA? Tastee: ? Tastee: why do use the N word so well Blutfrau: get an ARK to check the logs. Youve said it 5 times now, ive said it 0 Blutfrau: hey clock, get a load of this joker Blutfrau: you see him say that to me, clock? Clockinit: just got here Blutfrau: i have it all logged Blutfrau: i ignored him so he logs an alt, starts saying racist stuff Clockinit: i didnt see that chat on my log,i got here too late Blutfrau: "Tastee: u fucking germans need to be removed from earth " Tastee: not sure what she is doing.. Tastee: hehe Blutfrau: just go get a flag, we'll settle this Tastee: settle this with a falg u wish [Ive Got Your Back] Blutfrau: hey vomitus Tastee: u racist fuck [Ive Got Your Back] Blutfrau: come to Omni Trade [Ive Got Your Back] Vomitusdk: omw Blutfrau: you're the racist Tastee: call me a nigger again i dare u Blutfrau: hypocrite Blutfrau: youve said it 6 times now Tastee: ua siad it fist u stupid ass Blutfrau: just wait for the ARK, he will flag your account lol Blutfrau: ill let ARK check the logs Tastee: why the fuck woul;d i make a point of it to make it said Blutfrau: because you are mentally unstable Tastee: no cause im hounting u Tastee: haunting u and u ahte it Blutfrau: oh im *so*scared